Vashon Island  XTERRA Tri and Run and HOTS Sprint Triathlon are currently on hiatus!
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This year's events start, finish and transition is at Dockton Park on Maury Island, which is connected to Vashon Island via an isthmus at Portage, in Puget Sound. Vashon and Maury lie between Seattle, Tacoma, and the Kitsap Peninsula.

If you park on the main road, park very carefully, being careful not to block anyone's driveway or have your wheels over the fog line on the pavement (you can be ticketed and towed for these things) then walk or bike to the start.

The race begins in protected Quartermaster Harbor.  The swim is a clean salt water swims (near 60 degrees).  The swim is followed by an open course bike ride and runs.  

The swim will start from the dock if there is a low tide. Swimmers will take off in waves and complete the course from the dock, out to a designated point and come back in at the head of the transition area via the beach. The beach is silty but hard and free from barnacles. Triathletes swim a semi-triangular route of 1/2 mile led and guided by kayaks, the buoys set according to the tide at the time.  Water temperatures are near 60 in the surface zone, and most (but not all!) wear wet suits or race suits of varying coverage.  
The racers exit the water, run up the beach to the grass picnic area, and into T1.  Relays exchange the timing chip in T1.  Bikes must have bar-end plugs and racers must have their helmet straps fastened prior to mounting their bikes at the mounting line just outside T1. Racers will come out of the transition area, cross the main road and enter into the Dockton trail system beginning with a steep incline then taking a left and continue 3 loops in a Clockwise direction to complete 14 miles. After completing the 3rd loop, bikes will come back into the transition area entering from the parking lot in the park and transition out into the final leg of the triathlon.

Racers exit Dockton Park for their rides, the XTERRA bikers on Sunday into the Dockton Park trail system.  Bikers must remain in the right lane and not cross the center line. Riders must follow traffic rules unless waived through intersections by King County Sheriff Officers or Race Marshals.  
Upon returning to Dockton Park, the XTERRA runners run into the Dockton Park trails. The XTERRA 
Run will start from the transition area and proceed up the hill of the park. It will cross the main road then duck into the Dockton trails. Runners will run in a clockwise direction, completing 2 loops at the top of the course and return to the finish line in the park.

Your age is as of 12/31, not day-of-race.   

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